Spring CleaningSpring cleaning is a rite of passage. I believe it is human nature to want to clean out the junk in the spring. Spring is a time of renewal re-birth and fresh starts. Unless I am completely mistaken, it goes back millennia, to the very neanderthals that worshiped the suns inevitable stop and returning to the south from its extreme northern position. Signifying rebirth and time to both, celebrate and plant crops.

Start with your Computer

Start with Spring Cleaning your computer first. Now is a great time to consider maintenance, cleaning and sweeping the hard drives. Not to mention your keyboard, and mouse. I recently read that nearly 100% of all keyboards have food or drink “residue” on, and in them. Yuck!

I took the opportunity just to buy a new laptop. I loved my old one and upgraded Dell Latitude with a single solid-state drive blah blah. The new one ROCKs, dual solid state drives, 250 gigs for just the apps, and 500 gigs solid state for the files, 32 gigs of ram, etc.

I priced them, and the results were amazing. Fluctuating from $2800 from a custom shop, Dell could meet the requirements for around $1800, and a local mom and pop computer repair store which I have built a relationship with over the years for only $1200. (Prime Systems Computers)Cleaning


Spring Cleaning your Site

Next is your websites. Spring cleaning here is great for your SEO. I am also a good time to review all of your alt tags, Titles, Descriptions, Meta, H1 & H2 strategy, XML mapping, analytics, and so much more. You may also take the opportunity to refresh content, pricing models, upgrade your calendar or maps.
In essence, I believe a site is will never finished; it will always be in flux or change to one degree or another.

In Conclusion

list of cleaningIt was almost 90 degrees where I live yesterday. 88 to be exact, welcome to the mountains of Utah! However, Spring Cleaning is the ritualistic right of spring. It is also great time to review, everything in our lives. From the obvious homes, apartments, cars to websites, mailing lists, and even review accounts and subscriptions we pay for annually.

And Always have e2 Total Solutions help you with your spring cleaning!