SEO Solstice

Humans like to measure things. Depending on where you live, this last week we celebrated the summer solstice.  In North America the measurable sun light was 15 hour and 1 minute long. Making it the longest day of sunlight all year. However, if you live in Alaska, your day was a little longer, and if you’re at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, it’s been nighttime for a few weeks now. Living on little rock circling a big burning orb of hydrogen is unusual but…

Solstice and SEO

Solstice has many meanings, but it largely comes from a Latin word that means to stand still. Or in other words not move. When the sun reaches the furthest most point either north or south in quits moving for a day, then retreats, and moves back the other direction. We call these days on maximum height , or lowness, the winter or summer solstice.

SEO in some cases reaches a solstice, or in other words quits moving. For any SEO expert, that should cause great concern. If you’re SEO quits working or moving it is time to reconsider the methods, or look for other problems. Sometimes they may be purely competitive, or algorithmisitic in nature.

SEO Solstice

Keep your   SEO moving by deploying many tactics and fresh methods!  There is not one silver bullet, or everyone would use it and the search results would quickly become stale and boring. This also makes your SEO fun and exciting. Think of an SEO Solstice as business beater. There are so many new and fresh ideas you can deploy to keep your clients happy healthy and moving.

Content creates gravity when stopping at an SEO solstice. Fresh, clean, relevant content is always a great way to keep your SEO efforts moving forward. I hate to say it again, but links with fresh clean, relevant content at the other end is often great to have, and keep your SEO moving. And finally a strong social media plan with upward velocity and a blog with fresh, clean, relative content is a game winner.

In Conclusion

Use only white hat rules, use fresh clean relevant content for copy, links and social media. Always use a professional SEO like firm to improve your Ranking!