SEO Endeavors Re-Analyzed

SEO Efforts

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is always the theme of my weekly blog.  I have also mentioned in the past that many of my blog post and ideas come from new or potentially new clients I have  been speaking with. This week is no different. I received a call a short time ago from a small mining company just outside of Hanna Utah.   They are unique, because they mine a stone that is only found one place in the whole world; the stone is called Honeycomb-onyx….

SEO Services and Transparent Onyx

You might be asking yourself how this rare stone and SEO have anything in common, I will tell you. One of the very unique properties of this extraordinary onyx is that it is translucent (see the photos). That is what makes this stone so special. Stronger than normal onyx, but transparent when back lite. Well I get very excited when approached by a client with a unique selling proposition. The more unusual or atypical, the easier and more enjoyable they are to optimize.

This company had just built a new site. To my surprise it was really quite nice. I was even more surprised when I started to do the on page SEO analysis. I do not always say this, but the webmaster had done a respectable job from a SEO perspective while building the site.

SEO Transparency … Re-Analyzed

While looking at a ranking check, based solely on the thirteen keywords in site, the site ranked well. Over 25 listings, in the first 30 positions. With great keywords in the Meta side of the site, then good density of these words in the viewer’s side of the site. Keyword terms like Honey Onyx, Amber Onyx, Honey Calcite and more.

So why are they looking for an SEO expert to help them? I told you it would become transparent, very much like their product. First they have a total of ZERO links. Granted it is a new site, but they need some help finding real, relevant links from authoritative sites.  Next, they should pursue an aggressive social media strategy. This means they are missing 2 of the 3 important SEO factors.

Principally they are looking for more traffic. Although the terms in the site are relevant to their product, the number of monthly searches for these terms is very low. One of the terms gets over 2 million searches (onyx), another receives 18 thousand (onyx stone), a third gets less than 3 thousand (honey onyx). All of the others average fewer than 700 searches a month each.

In Conclusion

SEO is translucent, or at least semi-transparent. There are only a few basic SEO pieces that make it all work effectively. But if you miss one decimal the whole bridge will fall down. On the other hand if you have of them working to your advantage, you can do very well. However, if your site is architecturally build correctly, but you miss 2 of the 3 elementary components of SEO, you will never get the traffic you were hoping for.

And finally analyze your SEO efforts, test, adjust then analyze and test again. The internet is fluid, not set in stone. Just when you have it figured out, your competition will analyze, test and adjust their efforts. SEO will forever be a moving target although translucent, it will never be set in stone.


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