SEO Glue

SEO Glue or “Stickiness” is the topic for today, as is often the case, I write my blogs based on conversations I have had with new or existing clients, today’s topic is no different.  I signed on a new client this week…their first question was,” How quick will this take to impact our site?” And do we have to do this forever?  The short answer is yes on both counts.

SEO Glue

The first thing about SEO glue or glue in general is that it takes a while to stick. SEO “glue” is no different. You have to glue it together then wait a little while for it to take. That’s how SEO glue works. You need to get all of the pieces stuck together however, unlike normal glue you can adjust the outcome of SEO glue. I have always be a proponent of “A/B” testing, meaning that you must measure adjust then re-measure. The internet, unlike conventional glue, is fluid. You must always measure, adjust then re-adjust.  You will never be done.

SEO Glue Confession

Ok, I have a confession to make… I have a hobby. Other than SEO I like wood working. I have a workshop and I build stuff out of wood. Only part of this blog was based on a conversation with my new client. Yesterday afternoon I was working in the shop and I was actually building a birdhouse for a friend. I managed to get a sliver in my finger while I was gluing a few parts together. I was using “Gorilla Glue” its awesome stuff, but in working with the Gorilla Glue, I managed to glue the sliver into my finger. As of this morning I have not been able to get the sliver out, because I glued it into my finger.

SEO Glue is not the same as Gorilla Glue. It can become unraveled quickly. You must always be paying attention. Then re-glue the parts back together. My new client asked two questions. First he wanted to know how quickly the SEO Glue would stick and secondly he wanted to know if it would last forever, or would he have to keep working on this forever?

In Conclusion

SEO Glue is different than other conventional glues. It is always in motion, and requires adjustments. If you want your ranking to stick you must adjust it all of the time. I’m not happy that I have glued a sliver into my finger, but I know that will change. This new client “” will be happy with the glue we are putting on their site. It will stick as long as we measure, adjust then re-measure.

And as always use to help your SEO Glue stick.