SEO Explosion

It is the 4th of July weekend, and hopefully we all had time to spend some time with family and friends at the pool or park, having a barbeque or playing yard games. Inevitably the day, or weekend, always ends in a large explosion of fireworks. I think you should reconsider restarting your website with an explosion of SEO

An explosion of SEO

SEO is a well thought out, premeditated, and calculated explosion, just like the fireworks displays we have all watched over this weekend. While watching this deliberate, controlled series of explosions, I couldn’t help but wonder why more of us do not design or arrange our SEO with such purpose and premeditation.

Calculated SEO

There is a fireworks plant not far from my house in northern Utah. They have a deliberate, strategic and organized plan, calculated to give them the intended results. Fortunately, sometimes they even run a test, and everyone in the valley is a benifitarcy on those nights.

Why do so many seem to be running there SEO without a plan? They hear about a new social media platform and race in to join in the fanfare. They blog like crazy for a few weeks or months then let it slide. This also lets there optimization efforts slide. Create a long term plan, and stick to it. Search engines appreciate a well thought out balanced attack on SEO.

In Conclusion

Consider the benefits of a conscious, purposeful planned and a calculated approach to you web site’s ranking. It almost never happens overnight. Only a measured, well-thought-out plan of attack will give you the desired results. Just like the engineered, and orchestrated organizer of the fireworks displays, we watched this weekend, plan your SEO accordingly and you will have a beautiful explosion of web traffic and long term success.

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