SEO Evolution

Everything evolves to one degree or another and SEO is no different.  If you think back the evolution of SEO has been fun and exciting. It has also been driven by many different search engines. Today’s domination of the Google algorithm has been a long and winding road. While we are getting close to the end of the year, I have been reflecting of the past years changes, which lead me to think about the changes, or SEO evolution…

Where has the SEO Evolution been

The SEO Evolution has lead us down many paths, if you try to chart the course of SEO evolution.  There was once a time, not that many years ago, that good/quality keywords could or would help any site be ranked or show high in any search engine’s ranking.  However, that was short lived and reasonably so. Many Webmasters cheated or manipulated their keywords to help a site rank for completely unrelated keywords or key phrases.

The next widely adopted strategy was hidden text. This also was a fool’s errand. Just as the name implies “hidden” text is only there to trick the search engine. By hiding the text in similar colors to the background, you could stuff keywords and copy unseen to the casual viewer, but would be found by the search engine spiders. We all know what happen next, that’s right the search engines do not like to be tricked, so they hammered your ranking if you were caught cheating.

Then SEO evolved once again. The next big thing was link building. Google always paid attention to links. In fact it was the foundation of the original search methodology or engine of the 2 founders of google. It was called “Back-Rub” based on the idea that quality back links were a very valuable vote of approval for your site. None the less that also was short lived. Then webmasters began to cheat again by creating link farms. As always, this was cool at first, until the search engines followed the links back to empty sites with none or little unrelated content.

Continuing to evolve the next SEO evolution was blogs and blogging. This still has some merit today. Blogging and social media kind of run hand in hand. Both are important, and desirable. However what quality content can you put in a tweet or on a face book page that will slide down the wall very quickly.  Again, it is needed, but consider its value. You will want to create a velocity program and encourage people to follow you, etc., but be realistic about what they are.

Most recently the SEO evolution has been affect by the release of the “hummingbird” algorithm correction from google. It is clearly a “high-quality content” driven correction the search engine. If you have always written quality content and used only “white hat” SEO techniques you need not worry. You will only be punished when you cheat or try to trick the search engines.

In Conclusionbutterfly-evolution-big

The evolution of SEO is inevitable. It seems to me that instead of spending a lot of energy trying to trick, change or manipulate the search engines, you can create something beautiful with “high quality” content and SEO work.  SEO evolution will be with us forever. Embrace it, and do your SEO work correctly the first time.

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