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We offer custom real estate web design services and online marketing plans for real estate companies. We can take on a very limited number of real estate clients in any real estate geographic area. We do this so that we can focus on doing the right things for our clients within a specific geographic area and not be competing with ourselves.

We enjoy the challenge of getting our clients to the top of the search results and to help our clients market the homes they list better than their local competition.

Our primary real estate web design services are listed below. Each service will be customized to your needs and desires.

Real Estate Web Design – Websites

We offer custom real estate web design for real estate companies and individual Brokers and Agents. Our real estate websites can help you to attract sellers and buyers and help to demonstrate your real estate expertise and your area expertise.

You will gain a full-featured site that will help you to attract both buyers and sellers.

Real Estate Web Design – IDX Feeds

We provide a highly reliable IDX Feed service. We know how reliable it is because we constantly monitor it with real time automated software. An IDX feed has to be reliable.

Our IDX feed provides a real estate website with custom graphics that match the graphics of the website. The three basic IDX displays are:

  • Custom real estate search page
  • Custom Summary Display Page
  • Custom Detail Property Display Page

This is a great way to provide a quality search and display function for prospective buyers and will help you to attract listings.

Our IDX feed is fully compliant and guides visitors to contact you even if you are not the listing broker.

Real Estate Web Design – On-Site Search Engine Optimization

It is important for your site to be index high in the search engines. This will help drive targeted traffic to your site. To have significant levels of targeted traffic reach your site is an essential ingredient for Internet success.

We take care of all the on-site optimization and help you develop linking strategies for off-site search engine optimization (see below).

Real Estate Web Design – IDX Feed Special Links Database

If you are the listing agent for a property then you can have the IDX feed link to anything that is on the Internet. The special links could be links to schools or links to a map or links to a video on the area or a link to a Dedicated Home Showcasing Website (see below – off site search engine optimization).

The Special Links Database gives you excellent linking capability from your IDX feed for your property listings. This helps to attract buyers to a property and this is a nice selling point for any home owner.

Real Estate Web Design – Dedicated Home Showcasing Websites

A Dedicated Home Showcasing Website is affordable and easy to set up. Plus you can do a great deal more to showcase a home if you have an entire website to work with. Home owners love the additional attention that their property gets with a Dedicated Home Showcasing Website. Of course they are not just for any home. This marketing strategy is typically applied for very nice properties that need more than the standard MLS showcasing.

Moreover, a Dedicated Home Showcasing Website can also significantly help the off-site search engine optimization for your main real estate website.

Call us to let us explain how this approach can help you with home owners, buyers and the search engines.

Real Estate Web Design – Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

The difference between a real estate website that does well in the search engines and one that does not is often the number and quality of links linking back into the website. Our new service Website Link Tactics can take care of all of this for you.

We can generate all the links and they will all be best-practice links. All links will be text links and all will be created with keyword phrases important to your business. The links will be created with keyword phrases using terms that people will use to find your business when using a search engine.

To learn more about how in-coming links can help position your website higher in the search engines we invite you to view this short presentation or visit Website Link

Upper Valley Video Library

The Upper Valley Video Library is a great way to add depth and variety of content to your real estate website. This will help you with both human visitors and search engine visitors.

You will also notice that the time people spend on your site will increase. An increase in time-on-site is a great positive indicator that people like your site. Also, more time on your site means less time on other sites. This is again a business advantage for you.

Please visit The Upper Valley Video Library for Real Estate to learn more.

Upper Valley Photo Portfolio

We take a great deal of photographs on a wide array of subject throughout the year. These photos can be made available to you to further demonstrate your dedication to the area and your knowledge of the area.

A buyer not only is buying a home the buyer is buying into the area and the more your can showcase the area the better it will be for the buyer, the seller and for you.

Also, if you are a real estate agent and photograph your own listings then you may want to read this article by Thomas Arnestad. He is a photographer that specializes and real estate and interior photography. Excellent photography is an essential part of Real Estate Web Design. Click on this link to learn more about real estate photography.

Please contact us if you have a need for images related to the Upper Valley and/or you would like a Flash Photo Gallery on your website.

We offer custom real estate web design services and online marketing plans for real estate companies.