Linking is Key…

There are many misconceptions

The internet is nothing but a popularity contest. A search engines role in this contest is to be the judge. Search engines, Google in particular are fascinating. But it is a simple fact that Link building, and linking in general are part of all of their algorithms.

There are many types of links, and link building strategies. Some are enormously beneficial, while others are extremely detrimental, and dangerous to a sites ranking. To understand the benefits of linking, you must first have a clear understanding of the different types of links. There are a few high quality links, and many very low quality types of linking.

The “spiders” that follow links back from a site want to see relevant information, whether industry or topic’s specific links to yours. An empty or hollow links is very bad for your ranking. However, a link from a site with high Google PageRank, and good Citation and Trust flows are the best. Traffic and content are also serious considerations. If you believe the internet is a popularity test. A few votes from significant, trusted sites are far better than many votes from hollow or insignificant sites.

There are a few strategies for building links. Link farms or “spamming” the search engines are the worst. These are sites that offer empty, hollow or insignificant content at the other end of a link. Sites that have real, relevant content linking to your site are extremely valuable. This type of link is a little harder to come by. Usually client’s, or industry specific site’s, newsletters, magazines or even other blog’s are a great source for this type of intelligent linking.

Because the search engines place so much credibility on links, they also have devoted a lot of energy in linking types, discovery and detection. For example a manually place link has more value than an automated or pushed through link. You must always seek to maintain and grow high quality links.


Google and others engines discount the use of link farms. Because search engines put a lot of effort and resources into discovering the types of linking you have sought. Websites caught farming links or participating in empty linking schemes are penalized. While seeking a quality, intelligent linking scenario are always is beneficial.

I recommend spending your efforts on long term link building strategies that focus on building links naturally, within a specific scope, industry or expertise.