length of contentLength of Content

Length of content is a weird and wonderful topic for today. I was recently speaking at an ELP (Entrepreneur Launch Pad) meeting. That is a group sponsored by the local college that focuses on new business or business building. I was mentioning content, and the length of content needed to rank a page. O my god you should have heard the screams, and gasps when I mentioned 300 words or more.

Length of content

Length of Content is horrifically important to the way Google see it’s role, and mission in Page Ranking or Indexing. We should all be deeply concerned with how are blogs, or simple page content ranks. When I heard gasps at a 300 word number, I could hardly go on and tell them that is really conservative. The proper length of content is arguably closer to 1500 words. That is words not characters. And I have seen some research and experiments the push the length of content well up over 2000 words.

Other Factors Length of content is clearly only one of many factors. Social media involvement, page load times, quality back links, even the ability for content to become viral all plays a role.  But Google says they intend to index or rank every page on the internet.  There are approximately 20 million blog pages generated every day.  If we all included, length of content of only 300~500 words, that is a lot of content.

If we expect Google to do its job, and read all of the content we create. It is only right that we give them a clear message. A reasonable length of content so that it can be clearly understood. And try to help them out with keywords, titles, tags and Meta-data, even including alt tags.

In conclusion

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