Keyword ResearchKeyword Research
Pretend you have a painting business. You specialize in painting custom murals. Naturally, you want potential customers and leads to be able to find you online. How do you do it?The answer lies in two words: keyword research. These two words are part of a bigger picture: search engine optimization. Let’s explain them both.

What Is Keyword Research?
Ranking on search engines for the right keywords can mean the difference between getting noticed or languishing on page 20 of the results pages. When you rank well for keywords related to your business, you will get clicks from the right people. These people could become leads, and these leads could become customers. What Does Keyword Research Look Like?

Keyword research for your pretend painting business looks like this:
You do some digging to find out what users are typing into search engines to find businesses like yours, as well as related topics. You discover that keywords like “custom mural painting,” “mural painters,” and “how to paint a wall mural” are relevant. Armed with top keywords and lots of related ones, you begin to load up your website with content that is SEO-friendly for these exact terms.

“SEO” and keywordsSEO

SEO “search engine optimization.” When your website is SEO-friendly, it simply means that search engines can easily find and index you. When you use the right number of relevant keywords in the right places in your content, you’ll start to rank higher in SERPs (search engine results pages).
It all ties back to keyword research. In order to get SEO-friendly, you have to use the right keywords, ones that people would naturally come up with to find businesses like yours.

Keyword Research Gets You Noticed

Do the right research, find the right keywords to use in your content, and people will be able to find you online. It’s that simple. Don’t neglect this important aspect of your web presence, and you’ll start to see the payoff.

In conclusion:

If you do your keyword research correctly it goes a long way toward preparing your site for Google to index the site.

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