Internal LinksInternal linking for the Holidays that’s right improve your overall holiday traffic through the extensive addition of more internal links. Think about it. It makes complete sense to add more internal links for more traffic to your best selling products or services.

Links to cross-sell

Internal links help us in so many ways. Yet all too often we generally let them slide, ignore them, or don’t use them to their full potential. The title of today’s blog is “Internal Links for the Holidays” We all know it is far too late to be adding inbound linking for any real benefit for any Christmas products or services. However, you can see a real live bonus if you add internal links.

How can internal links help you might ask. Well I intend to tell you. Internal links are not dependent upon a search bot finding them, then following them to another site, or point of origin. Internal links stay on site, therefore giving the search bot the opportunity to pursue during an actual visit or trip to your site. No real need to leave, when it can develop during the current or existing crawl.

How to Increase sellsInternal links

Today, right now you should improve your internal links. Link from main categories to Christmas or any on-sell products you are hoping to move for the holidays. By take advantage of the opportunity to cross-sell while they already have their credit cards out of their wallet.

It’s more than just an upsell. Take advantage of the cross-sell too. “Do you want fries with that” of course they do. Ask the question “Do you need a carrying case with that new computer” or “How about a free, complimentary, or low-cost hard drive upgrade” with that new computer?

See how easy it is! Very sophisticated cross-selling, or upgrading your strategies, then use these practices to improve sells on underperforming inventory, or slow-moving products, improving overall inventory control.

Internal LinksIn Conclusion

Use internal links to bolster your holiday sales. It is straightforward. It is very effective. It takes very little time, and will rapidly pay for your efforts. And make you a hero, with little or no excessive inventory after the holidays. Build your internal links now.
And always remember to have help with internal links if need help.