Crappy Content

Crappy Content is everywhere. I see it all of the time; I despise it every time I see it. I find myself writing today’s blog, ironically, on the anniversary of the death of Charlie Hebdo. The now famed Charlie Hebdo was a master of irony, satire, sarcasm, and wit. There is a fair amount of biting humor that I am writing my Crappy Content blog today. I have to believe Charlie would laugh out loud.

Truly Crappy Content

Crappy Content is prospering in our society. We live in a world of emoji, or ?’s or the famed “ … ” dot, dot, dot. I suppose the ever present smiley face or frowny face is an efficient methodology of communicating an emotion or thought.

However, in the real world it is Crappy Content is a very inefficient
methodology of communicating, what Google wants to see. Let me say that another way, “The way Google sees it” Crappy Content is a product of slothfulness. Of course it is proficient when communicating 140 characters at a time, or maybe in a text. God knows we elected a president 140 characters at a time.  I’m talking about real content. Evergreen content on our sites, in our blogs, or in our articles we want posted, and more importantly read.

Clear Concise and Relevant

Make your content clear, concise, to the point and above all relevant. I’m sure Google can see a smiley face. But can they really tell the deference between a “nervous smiley” and an “anxious smiley” or what the hell does it mean if you have tears and sweat pouring off a frowny face, looking up and to the left? I guess I am doomed to live with Crappy Content in the emoji world.

However, I want my articles, and blogs clear and to the point. I am famous for the dreaded “ … “ I think that is because I have already made a point and have communicated it appropriately, thoroughly and I am impatient to move on… But we need to express our thoughts clearly and thoroughly. Help the reader understand our point. Maybe even consider changing an activity, thought process or practice.

Help me make Crappy Content disappear in our Evergreen world. I can live with it in the Twitterverse, and Texts. But make sure your site reflects a real intelligent, thoughtful process. And is something Google want to read and rank. In the end it’s ok to be funny, witty, thoughtful and deep. Avoid being superficial, brooding or self-absorbed. Let’s put an end to Crappy Content.

I will conclude today’s Crappy Content blog with the post I used for Charlie.

“In Conclusion

The term “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Is generally attributed to Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton 1803~1883. He was a British poet, playwright and politician. Still today no truer words have been written or spoken. Even as I write this blog over 1 million citizens of France and world Europe leaders are gathering in France. With the common statement “we are all Charlie”

The genie is out of the bottle and free speech will never be stifled!
“Je Sues Charlie”

Always use to help you speak you opinion! “

I must have misspelled… Crappy Content 100 times while writing this blog  😉
Thank god for spell check. Spelling and grammar count too.