Connect with clientsConnect With Your Clients, I recently met a very old friend and client for the first time. That’s right; you might ask yourself how can that be? Well, she owns a very successful website and life transformation business. I had the pleasure of meeting her online, and ultimately working with her, to fix some optimization issues, and we became remarkably good friends. We had only seen each other online. She lives 1500 miles away. There was never an opportunity to meet face to face until recently when she came through town unexpectedly. We met for lunch; it was like having lunch with an old friend.  Connect to Connect

To protect her anonymity, I will just call her Mrs. Burke. Well, Mrs. Burke and I met via another business referral group. Although our relationship is purely business-like, we clearly began to connect on a much larger level. We think a lot alike. Clearly, we could connect in some way on much more significant issues like political, business, social issues.

After a while we began to banter a little on things we disagreed on, still very friendly, we began to understand each other’s views on the world as a whole. A Connection with a client in this fashion is exquisite and delightful. I wish I had the time to know and understand my entire client’s list in this way.

Connection that will last

Once you have that type of professional attachment to a client, you will work just a little harder to satisfy their needs. A connection like that is immeasurable, the loyalty and trust that develops is sheer joy. You will find pleasure in tasks that were once mundane and dull or routine.  Working hard to satisfy your friends will create delight where you once struggled. A connection that lasts is slow to develop.  However, once it does, you will find new vigor and enjoyment in your work.

In Conclusionmrs burke

This did not start out to be a treatise on gratitude or anything like that. Connect with your clients makes sense. Try to connect with everyone, and you will fail. Try to connect with no one, and you will fail. A wise man once told me “Pick and choose your battles wisely” There are some unhappy, disgruntled clients that will never be satisfied. Trying to connect with them will likely leave a bad taste in your mouth, as well as theirs.

So pick and choose your friends and clients, you want  to connect with wisely. You will not become fast friends with them all, but the ones that you do, will make your day, life and work more enjoyable.

And always have e2-Total Solutions help you connect with your clients.