hand of godClient Engagement, more importantly, how to guide for improved client engagement is the topic of today. In years past I have, on Super Bowl game day. I have made a prediction. Today is no different, but you will be required to read the whole blog to get my prediction.

Last Week

Last week we missed our mark of a creative discussion on How to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve Client Engagement. We ended up going down the rabbit hole of robots and George Jettson. Today we will look at machines and machine learning more closely. Then, of course, we will tie it into my Super Bowl prediction.

I have not seen all of the Super Bowl commercials (yet). However, I have read and heard several analysis of them. There happens to have an overwhelming theme. No, not just puppies and Clydesdales. Look past all of that into their deeper meaning. Almost without exception they are driving and encouraging you to participate with them via some social media, or exclusivity.

Client Engagement

google glassIn today’s world of automation, creating a computerized form of artificial Client Engagement is almost irresistible. As mentioned last week, machines, computers or Artificial Intelligence are built or designed to improve our quality of life. I am going to warn you that if you use AI as the sole process to enhance your Client Engagement, you will lose that battle.

Cheating is tempting because the algorithms that run today’s automated marketing appear so compelling.apple watch They can track all of the websites visited. If I go to Lands End, looking for a canoe, low and behold every canoe manufacture pops up for weeks, encouraging me to buy their canoe. This is NOT good Client Engagement. This tends to be true with Facebook posts, and Twitter feeds both. Even Linked-In and Pinterest have been piling on.

A Proper Path

I am guilty of wanting to create a complete marketing campaign using just AI. It is easy to run, easy to maintain, easy to manage. According to Abbreviation.com, easy means “Electronic Automated Scripting for You” or “effective and Automated Yielding.” Either way, this is a shortcut to good and reputable Client Engagement.

machineI have recently closed a new deal with a nationwide mortgage company. We spent hours discussing automation, and return on investment. In the end, thankfully they chose the high road. Don’t get me wrong, it does use some profiling, computerization, and some AI engagement. All with the end goal of segregating the leads into several segments. The potential clients self-segregate by credit score, income levels, and time to purchase. This allows my client to “individually speak” with or contact the most urgent cases in a timely fashion. It is then dropping low credit scores into a drip that gives tips on improving scores and credit reporting. With the end goal of one to one engagement or great Client Engagement!

In Closing

I warned you I would bring this back around to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are a machine and have been for many years. And have been to the embarrassment of many mediators, while evoking an emotional response from many an NFL fan. A Tom Brady and the Patriots Client Engagement scale is through the roof. Like him or hate him, you have to respect his abilities and the team’s ability to engage his competitors and vicariously the fans. In the end, it is not automation or AI, it is a personal connection, either for or against him. Everyone has an opinion.tom brady

Just like your clients, you want to connect with them on a very personal level. And continue to stay engaged with them. After you know and love each other, you will build trust and commitment. This can only be accomplished on a one to one level very much like Tom and his fans (or enemies).

Now to the game, the last time I checked New England was -2.5 points, this must be a joke. All politics aside (sorry Saints) the Rams do not have a defense. With Brady and the Patriots unstoppable offense (sorry Chiefs), I choose the Patriots by 21+ I see them jumping out early, then coasting to the trophy and the end of the game, and season.

And always have e2-Total Solutions help you design an effective marketing campaign, appealing to the person, not the machine. And never, never trust my Super Bowl predictions.