If you are a football fan today is the “big game” a year’s worth of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. However, if you are an internet marketer, ecommerce owner, or even a blogger every day is the big game. You have to think of the traffic you are generating, or not creating every day. You must work hard to keep and improve your ranking or position compared to your competitors. Every day it can and will change.  Every day is the big game.

I know if you are a football fan your have a plan for this day. Where are the hot wings, the 7 layer dip, chips and adult beverages? If you are internet fan you need a plan too. Where is the traffic coming from, what is the consumer looking for, and how they will find you, or your clients?

Every day you need to think of as the big game day. You will always need to stay on top of it. Every time you make a change your competition will make a change. The competition is always trying to knock you off the top. They will react to you, and you will need to react to them.  Are you on offence or defense? Are you’re the aggressor or defender? Do you have a plan, or are you just playing by the seat of your pants?

Every good team has multiple coaches and coordinators. You need to build a team for your sites. You need to know what your game plan will be; you need to have coordinators working for you. It helps to understand all the tools, field, the stadium, the competitions and the assets you have or need. If you deploy as many of these tools as you can, and use the field, weather and preparation to your advantage, you will likely win.  Create, and take advantage of every condition at your disposal, and you will end up on top.

In Conclusion of the Big Game

I know that the Patriots are hated by many people. I however, like them. I predict a huge win by New England. It will be a massacre, it will be sad to see so many sea hawks die. I hope they are not a protected species.

If I am wrong, at least I have a plan, and I know where the hot wings and beverages are.